Why Antalya?

Why Antalya?

Why Should I Buy a Home in Antalya ?


Turkey is a point that connects Asia and Europe. In ancient silkroad, Turkey was used as a bridge that connects 2 continents together.  Air, sea and land transportation is advanced well in Turkey. Black sea is located on the north side, Aegean sea is located on the west side and the Mediterranean is located on the south side of our country.  Surrounded by water on 3 sides , Turkey is almost a peninsula. Antalya is a city of paradise that has 630km’s of coastline in Turkey.


Antalya is a natural wonder that has a mediterranean coastline on the South, mighty Toros Mountains on the North, with a lot of streams and lakes. Turkey provides most of vegetable and fruit demands from surrounding countries because it has a lot of rich water sources with a lot of sunshine and a warm climate. In Antalya, summer almost covers 8 months of the year and the remaining 4 months is called winter or it can be “spring” to most foreigners. You can swim at every point of the city, the water is clean. Activities such as Mountain climbing, skiing, rafting, hunting and fishing can be done almost all year.


Antalya was founded by King II.Attalos , King of Pergamon on BC 133. Archeological findings showed life and society and it goes back to BC 40.000. Antalya was ruled by Romans, Byzantines, Ottomans and it was home to many civilizations. Because of that you can find historical artifacts on every part of the town. You can buy a home ın this great country which was used by many civilizations.

Social Life

Antalya, one of the most important tourism destinations of the World, has approximately 10 million tourists every year. After İstanbul, it has the highest rate of external and internal immigration. Because of that, ıt is estimated that 60.000 foreigners from different countries have purchased a home and are living in Antalya for the entire year. Locals are used to live with foreigners and you can find people speaking your language all around town. The warm and friendly personality of the Mediterranean people offers you a happy and free life. Daily life is quiet and you can use public transportation (Buses or Trams) to easily access all over town. Local markets can be found ın every district and they offer a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables etc. You can locate a lot of shopping malls and supermarkets all over town for your needs. Also you can rest at natural parks which can be found around town. Buying a home in Antalya gives you freedom and a non-stressfull life.


Because of high external and internal migration, Antalya has a lot of attention and that causes real estate business to grow more than ever. Foreigners are focused on buying a home , a workplace or land in Alanya, Belek, Kemer or the Kaş regions of Antalya. This attention causes a rise in real estate prices but compared to Greece and Spain, prices are still low. Buying real estate in Antalya will always be profitable.


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