Since 1999, we have been succesfully operating as financial advisors & accountants and we’ve added property management services to our professional portfolio in 2004.

We are all local people, for 4 generations we have been working and living in Antalya and we use this to our advantage when welcoming new homeowners to our city. We are very proud that we are appreciated by our clients and partners for the service we provide.

Our working principle has always been honesty and fair pricing. Working according to this principle gave us loyal customers who, with no exception, always recommend us to their friends and family. Our priority is making our customers happy, financial gain is always secondary. We offer the best service to our customers with our professional team speaking your language and we will continue to provide our services.

Meet our team

Ahmet Ok
Company Owner

Ferit Ok
Financial Advisor

Behrouz Aminpour

Elmira Majidi

Our Services

We provide free concultancy 24/7.

Mali Danışmanlık

Financial and Legal Consultancy

Financial and Legal consultancy is provided by our licensed team which consist official financial advisor.



We can provide temporary accomodation by making hotel reservations thru our business partners.


Home decoration and cleaning

If you need remodeling after buying your real estate or just routine cleaning services we can provide professional teams.


Transfer (To Hotel)

If you thinking about buying a real estate on Antalya, we provide free transportation with our vehivces for our presentations.


Insurance (Real Estate , Health, etc.)

All type of your insurance needs ( real estate, heath, car, etc.) can be fulfilled with affordable prices by our own insurance agency.


Valuation of real-estate

We are working with official real estate appraisers licensed by Capital Market Board of Turkey.


Car Rental

We can provide rental cars and minivans with or without a driver with your choice of brand. We aim to provide our services with special and affordable prices.


Social Life & Technology

While you residing in Turkey, we provide free consultancy for buying technological products, finding directions to a place, repairs of any kind or any unresolved issues.